Clasp or Buckle: Tips on which one to choose for Watch Lovers

Sep 10 2020 Highlight

In addition to price, brand, design and type of movement, there are other things you may wish to consider when buying a watch. The type of strap and fastener need to be considered before deciding. There are two types of strap fastener, one is the clasp and the other is the buckle. The hook/pin buckle is used on leather and rubber or NATO straps and the clasp fastener is fitted to metal watch bracelets. Complex clasp designs often add elegance and a touch of luxury.

There are 5 popular clasp models:

  • Deployant Clasp

Is used to replace the hook/pin buckle on leather, NATO or rubber straps and is used to protect the strap from being bent when putting the watch on and taking it off the wrist. Thus, reducing wear and tear and prolonging the strap life.

  • Fold-Over Push

Button Deployment Clasp: A secure model with an expanding metal mechanism designed to fasten the watch band with a fitted look.

  • Butterfly Clasp

This is a hidden buckle with two push buttons, one either side, to release the locking mechanism.

  • Jewellery Clasp

Consists of two main parts, the latch, on one side and a hole on the other, as frequently seen on bracelets. The latch goes through the hole and then it folds over and snaps closed.

  • Toggle Clasp

Has a ring on one side and a simple bar on the other side. The bar is put through the ring and turned to secure. This type of Clasp is rarely used. has a very wide range of watches, with a choice of clasps or buckles.